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Portrait Photography

Portrait session fees are 150.  

 Invest  300 on your portraits and we'll gift you a sweet video slideshow that will play on pretty much anything with a screen.

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Invest 500 on your portraits and we'll create a personalized "app" just for you. Use it on your smartphone and tablet. It has all the photos you love from your session in it and its super easy for you to post them, tweet them, pin it and just show off ..err I mean share them with your friends and loved ones. How awesome is that :-) 

Invest 700 on your portraits and receive the Grandma gift package.  You know she wants some prints too.  We'll gift you 2 bonus prints of any size from our gift collection of a portrait you've purchased.  Mix or match it's up to you  

Invest 1000 on your portraits and receive a thank you letter from my kids and a big wet sloppy kiss on the forehead from me or Pam (your choice). Even better we'll gift you a bonus 11x14 from our print collection of one of your purchased portraits.  Hang it up at the office so all your coworkers will wish their family was as good looking as yours. 

P.S. all these gifts are cumulitive so you can really rack up some on gifts and get awesome portraits at the same time

Shreveport Family Photographer

Video or Photography Special Projects

Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs

Video or photo special projects are just that... they're special.  So a one price fits all approach really doesn't get you the best values or fit your needs at all.  If you have a unique or special project give us a call or shoot us an email.  We'll set up a consultation appointment at your convenience, at no cost to you. Lets discover how we can best meet your needs. 

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